Zen Karate is a solo practice.
Yes and no.

In these classes we practice together separately and in pairs or groups. Although the
dojo practice is important, if possible, most of your practice should be solo, at home,
preferably out side. On a more deeper level though Zen is a personal practice that
leads to dissolution of the idea of a separate self. If we cling to the teacher and class
for support we wont really be practicing Zen. However, if we cling to a notion/feeling of
a self, we have also missed the point. With practice we can have a feeling of centered
groundedness, but let go of the edges, for a feeling of being centred in the whole, and
being the whole


No violence

One of the central tenets of Buddhism is non violence. So this must also be at
the centre of Zen Karate. And this means violence in all it's forms, including
self-defence. Practicing for years for a future self defence event is to fill your present moment with violence. If we seek freedom from violence we must also understand the violence within ourselves, and let it go. If you fill your head and body with the thoughts,
feelings and chemicals associated with violence, then you are already under attack, and
you might blame it on an outside world, but you are doing it to yourself. Would it not
be better to fill your moment with peace and freedom?