These quotes are included in order to give a flavour of Buddhism and Zen.

"Those who cling onto words are fools who believe that they can catch the moon with a stick or can scratch their itchy foot through a leather shoe. How can they "see" reality as it actually is?"
Mumon, preface to The Gateless Gate.

"To learn what the true path to Buddhahood is, is to learn what the true self is. To learn what the true self is, is to forget about the self. To forget about the self is to become one with the whole universe."
Dogen, in the Shobogenzo.

"At certain times, a silent mind is very important, but “silent” does not mean closed. The silent mind is an alert, awakened mind; a mind seeking the nature of reality"
Lama Thubten Yeshe

"When one is deluded as to the self-nature, one is a sentient being, but when one realizes the self-nature, one is a buddha."
The Platform sutra - Huineng.

"Only Mind is Buddha, and Buddhas and sentient beings are not different."
The Dharma of Mind Transmission, Huang-po Tuan-Chi



The life of the Buddha: according to the pali canon
Bhikku Nanamoli

The Dharma of Mind Transmission: Zen Teachings of Huang-po https://terebess.hu/zen/Huangbo-LokTo.pdf

The Blue Cliff Record

The Gateless Gate

The Shobogenzo

The Sixth Patriarch’s Dharma Jewel Platform Sutra

Hsin-Hsin Ming by Seng-ts’an, third Patriarch of Zen