Learn and practice meditation amongst like minded people

The seated meditation session is open anyone, whether you have taken part in the Karate class or not.

People may meditate to become calmer, to sleep better, or because of an interest in Zen Buddhism.

The class is non-denominational.

Although seated meditation should be made a regular home practice, it helps to have

a group of like minded people to practice with, hence this class.

During this session there will be simple instruction, and then we will spend time sitting in

silent awareness. This brings benefits to our nervous system, calming and centering ourselves, but

it is also the main tool to help increase knowledge of the self and the world we live in.

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How to sit






We will be sitting on chairs; please bring a thin cushion to sit on. If you prefer to siton the floor,

please bring 2 plump cushions (or a zafu (meditation cushion) if you have one)and a blanket.

Sit upright in a comfortable and stable position, with your hands either in the position in the

picture, or however you feel comfortable.

Once settled, sink your energy down into your belly. Become aware of your breathing

and the movement in your abdomen. Try to maintain this awareness, gently but

firmly. When thoughts arise, or bodily sensations distract you (and they will), gently bring your

awareness back to your breathing and carry on. Try to keep the body and eyes still. Keep your

resolve but don't struggle. You may find that your breathing is rapid and your mind racing. In this

case, slow your out breath down until things have calmed down a bit, and then let your breathing

take care of itself.

See the links page for some talks or video's on meditation.